We will be performing a few live dates to release "Dreams Of Flight" in Edmonton and Calgary in the coming months.. check out our Facebook page for details.  

Happy 2018 everyone! Best Wishes for a happy, safe and prosperous new year filled with peace and love!
Oh yeah... and the new single "Groundless" is now available for download at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and all the usual outlets. :-)
- A  

I'm very pleased to announce that the track "Groundless" from the soon to be released "Dreams Of Flight" album is to be released on Friday 12.15.17
Outlet information will be announced then.
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I had the honour of scoring this little film by John Osborne. This animation offers a thought provoking and grim look at humankind's role in the gradual toxification of our planet and the defenseless creatures that inhabit it.
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After repeated false starts, setbacks and delays, it appears "Dreams of Flight" will be released for real in late 2017 or early 2018. A radio edit of the third track "Groundless" is being released in late November 2017 as a single and features a video by film maker John Osborne. Details of the release will be posted here and on the VI Facebook page. John created a video for the track "Blue" also, and Christine Miller offered up her amazing talent for "Black Box". More details to follow in the coming weeks.
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For a quick taste of the new "Dreams of Flight" album, click here and check out two track teasers uploaded to SoundCloud today.
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Come by the Simmons website and check out the first series of "Creative Use" video shorts just uploaded for the new SD2000 e-kit. Additional videos will be added in the coming days.
While the videos focus on this wonderful new kit, they also put forward hints of new or alternative methods in approaching and playing an e-kit in order to achieve results not otherwise obtained by "traditional" means. As such, the e-kit essentially becomes a blank canvas on which anything can be painted, limited only by ones imagination and source of inspiration. What better way to be inspired than to teach oneself new skills with tools that ooze creative potential?    
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The past 2 years have been busy times in the VI / Simmons camp indeed. The brand new Simmons SD2000 kit was just released this August. The new kit is a departure for Simmons, in that it is the first with mesh heads. We recently completed filming a series of "Creative Use" videos that focus on the kit's potential and its wealth of beautiful sounds! I was honored to work with "the man" himself, Dave Simmons to produce these. Watch for them (and possible bloopers and outtakes) to surface soon here and on the Simmons website. Suffice it to say, the SD2000 is only the beginning. Wait til you see what's coming next! :)
Oh, yeah... Dreams of Flight.... ummm....
Soon... ish... ?
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"Dreams of Flight" album release pushed back to ???
- A  

The entire Voice Industrie back catalog, remixes, covers and one-offs are now up on the Teknik14 Soundcloud Channel here and completely free for listening. Please Follow VI on Soundcloud!
Many thanks!!
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A few months ago I composed a slightly 'down-tempo' version of Depeche Mode's "World In My Eyes" (from their 1990 album VIOLATOR). It is now up on the Teknik14 Soundcloud Channel here. Enjoy!
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"Dreams of Flight" album release date: Friday, March 31, 2017!
(I had the month right, just the wrong year !!)
Keep it here or the VI Facebook page for the latest.
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"Dreams of Flight" album release on hold. My apologies for the long delay.
Also, three very awesome filmmakers will be contributing videos for selected tracks from the new album. Jason Gondziola, Christine Miller and John Osborne will be offering up interpretations of the music as seen through their camera eyes. I'm very excited and honoured!!!
- A  

Big thanks to friends... old and new... who welcomed us back to the stage in 2015. David, Darrin and Andrew.. you guys rock! A special big thanks to Allie and Francis for their contributions and guest appearances at the Interpolations show in November !!
As the year draws to a close, the collection of tracks that will make up the new VI album entitled "Dreams of Flight" nears completion.. slated for a March 2016 release.
I'm buried in gigabytes of raw film footage from the year's live shows and will work on compiling it all into something useful as time allows. Check back here, Facebook and Twitter (@voiceindustrie) for updates.
Merry Christmas and a Happy & Safe 2016 to all !
- A

I'm pleased to announce that I've invited two familiar faces back to help deliver the "Interpolations" event at the Garneau Theatre in Edmonton on November 14th. Allie Que and Francis Tetrault will be joining me on stage for the event... looking forward to this !
Come out and join us to take in all that Interpolations will have to offer.  Check out the Voice Industrie Facebook page for more details.

Alan is in the process of compiling the raw video footage from the live show at Pawn Shop on the 6th...

VI to return to the stage at PAWN SHOP in Edmonton on Saturday June 6/15.
(PAWN SHOP - 10551 Whyte Avenue, Edmonton, AB)

New album "Dreams of Flight" to be released fall/winter 2015

VI makes first appearance in 10 years at a private function hosted by TITAN Sound in Edmonton, CA.

New "Dreams of Flight" theme VI website uploaded - a few pages still under construction. Welcome!