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2018 | Dreams of Flight

Track List:

01. a naked sky 06.05
02. blue 07.12
03. groundless 06.06
04. go 06.34
05. freefall 08.04
06. black box 11.16
07. on a good day 06.47
08. 440H 07.08
09. moth 09.31

"Wow!  What an incredible recording. Every musician has an album that defines their true efforts and purpose. I think this was the album you were destined to do. It's more electronic experimental than i expected but I am still very impressed and pleased. It's unpredictable and i wasn't sure which direction it was going. I would say this is a masterpiece."
- Jeremiah Makin

After a number of setbacks and delays, "Dreams of Flight" was finally released on CD Friday April 27th 2018. The track single "Groundless" was released on December 15, 2017 as a digital download. The second single entitled "Blue (XSV Mix)" was released on March 16, 2018.
Videos created by filmmaker John Osborne for both tracks will soon be published to YouTube later in 2018. More details of the release are posted on the VI Facebook page. Filmmaker Christine Miller offered up her amazing talent for "Black Box" (and provided a voice reading of an original poem for "440h").

1992 | psychotica (re-mastered in 2001)

Track List (2001):

01. fact 06:24
02. sterility 06:01
03. departure 04:31
04. young thing 06:10
05. unsociable behaviour 06:23
06. true believer 07:01
07. whurm 06:10
08. true believer remix 06:59

Another name to add to the growing list of talented Canadian electronic musicians is Voice Industrie. Released on cassette in 1992, their Psychotica debut is drenched in driving electronics, 80's synth ambience, and captivating melodious vocals. While the sound is borderline industrial, functioning mostly in EBM, electro and synth-pop territory, common industrial elements like aggression, negativity and guitars aren't found here. "Unsociable Behaviour" starts things off with a steady danceable pace full of electronic drums that remind me of Spahn Ranch.

In addition, the use of ambient pop synth clashes and unprocessed melodious singing a la Depeche Mode works wonders in creating a rich, full and fluid sound. Second, "True Believer" is an amazing piece of EBM material with a memorable chorus line of the words "true believer" wrapped in a delicious package of stabbing keyboards and ethereal synth notes. One of the band's best songs ever, this puts VI in the same league as electro masters Apoptygma Berzerk. "Sterility" and "Whurm" return the listener to the dance floor with a sky high intensity level of futuristic pulsating electronics and vocal distortion in the vein of early Front Line Assembly. For pure EBM/synth-pop with an edge and an 80's influence you can't go wrong with Voice Industrie's top notch Psychotica debut. There isn't a single bad apple in the bunch. Highly recommended listening for fans of Spahn Ranch, Apoptygma Berzerk and early Front Line Assembly.

1995 | the anatomie

Track List:

01. tempest 05:35
02. disorder 07:07
03. fear 06:04
04. assassin 08:51
05. pain is pleasure (aggro mix) 06:51
06. the anatomie 02:47
07. aggressassin 04:24
08. sleepless 07:23
09. pain is pleasure 04:47
10. infected 08:26
11. silent room 10:55

Nice combination of synth-pop lines with IDM, EBM and techno elements, with a passionate voice in pure decent (old) Depeche Mode style. The difference between tracks like 'Sleepless' and 'Silent Room' only show their abilities and talents on an overlooked and well produced album like this. Going from slow to paced rhythms, well balanced, with use of voice samples. My conclusion ? This album (still) can't be put in just one box : it has some sweet surprises, but just don't expect stompers ! I'm still hooked on this one after 9 years.

1997 | Transmission

Track List:

01. transporter (seduction mix) 12:32
02. sterility (adrenaline 14 mix) 07:48
03. true believer (teknik14 mix) 07:01
04. transporter 001 14:42
05. sterility (teknik 99 mix) 10:17
06. tempest (live TV broadcast) 04:19
07. fact (recorded live at club 109) 09:01

Voice Industrie did it again! - These tracks are trance like in ways that lull you into a state of peaceful consciousness. It's not every day that an electro-artist puts this much into their music bringing more listening material to Industrial analysts. We start off with the track Transporter (seduction mix) which builds and builds, drawing the listener into the recording like the vacuum of a black hole vortex with no possibility of return, followed by Sterility (Adrenaline 14 mix) that has a pounding and direct beat with an uncompromising rhythm. Third in line is the thick and meaty True Believer (Teknik 14 mix) which has a low end thump that is all encompassing. Transporter 001 is a journey to the far end of the listener's psyche, challenging what one can retain, all the while creating deep comfort. Then Sterility (Teknik 99 mix) finalizes the direct studio push having complete dominion over any unresolved opinions of the artist's work. This track did me in! Tempest (live tv broadcast) is excellent and is eligible for viewing per youtube allowing one to see the work that Voice Industrie puts forth analogue style touched by a digital finish. And finally, for a finishing touch, the album is completed with Fact (recorded live) giving the listener a raw but at the same time polished version of the track. Big beats that don't back down and will thrive throughout the ages. Voice Industrie are hard workers. Check them out and see what you've been missing. A true find for a rivethead hungry for electro! - J.S.Makin

2002 | PowerUp MCD EP

Track List:

01. up (junkyard mix) 11:22
02. i feel love (angry neighbor mix) 07:06
03. up (hack it up mix) 07:02
04. sky (trick edit) 06:14
05. i feel love (radio edit) 05:02
06. up (simulator mix) 05:00
07. up (headscan mix) 05:01

2003 | Power

Track List:

01. rapture 08.40
02. hover 08.08
03. damage 08.07
04. up 11.25
05. i feel love 10.20
06. sky 7.20
07. crash 8.22

There’s a wonderful merging of techno and tribal rhythms on Power, which easily converges on one’s listening experience. Euro-trance is not everyone’s thing but there’s something very alluring about Power. From the Depeche Mode-like vocals to the Chemical Brothers-type programming, this album has the ability to get into your head. How can a repetitive, industrial album with lyrics few and far between resonate? It’s easy to feel powerless — pun intended — and unable to answer a question such as that after listening to this album; it simply manages to lay hold to that unsure part of us. Power is filled with action, in the sense that each track could easily play as the backdrop to a video game or adventure montage. There’s nothing better than a trance album you can play day or night, it doesn’t matter. (A Different Drum)

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POWER! - It's all in the album name. Part of living up to one's job as an artist is to measure up to whatever title or name one chooses to put on their work. When I was a kid, I checked out the rock band "Rush" just because their name peaked my interest. I wondered if they lived up to their name and after listening to them I realized that they did, and then some. When I discovered Voice Industrie, the "Power" album got my attention immediately and it was the most unique, energetic and deep cd I had purchased in years. The moment I heard the opening track "rapture" I was floored! The vocals were astonishing and the feel good rhythm and drive behind the song structure was my "brand new day, fresh pot of coffee, take back my life" song. If people knew where they stood in their lives spiritually and had that constant confidence about the condition of their soul, then they would realize that although these are trying times and we are in the midst of civil unrest and continual political global turmoil, that it is still and exciting time to be alive! And the follow up track "Hover"! Heavy warm synth like I've never heard. What a creative and original song structure and the whistling in the song just tops it off. I don't recall that ever being done in an electronic band before. Then the ol' Giorgio Moroder / Donna Summer cover of "I feel love" is epic. Great tracks for trying times to remind us that we are not alone in this life that can sometimes be a struggle. So prepare yourself for the sound of Whitehorse hoof steps with Voice Industrie's "Power" and remember, "there is nothing to fear, these are the end of years!"  (J.S. Makin)

2004 | Voice Historie (2 CD)

Track List:

CD one

01. sterility 06:01
02. departure 04:31
03. true believer 07:00
04. fact 06:24
05. sterility (teknik 99 mix) 10:15
06. true believer (teknik 14 mix) 06:59
07. assassin 08:42
08. fear 06:04
09. pain is pleasure 04:47
10. silent room 10:48

CD two

01. sleepless 07:22
02. tempest 05:13
03. pain is pleasure (aggro-mix) 06:51
04. infected 08:25
05. transporter (seduction mix) 12:29
06. sterility (adrenaline 14 mix) 07:45
07. transporter 001 14:40
Excellent Industrial Trance Pop Hybrid! This two cd release from A Different Drum collects tracks from the first three (now out of print) Voice Industrie albums, "Psychotica", "The Anatomie" and "Transmission". Voice Industrie has been around since 1992, and progressed away from a more vocal-oriented Industrial Dance/Synthpop/Trance fusion style into the current fusion of Trance and Darker EBM.
Though the two discs combined only hold 17 tracks, Disc one clocks in at an hour and 11 minutes, with disc two coming in at an hour and two minutes. On the first disc, it was really "Departure" that first caught my ear. Not only for the classic-sounding synth work throughout the song, but the intro contained samples of what sounded like the old "Asteroids" game, which I really thought was neat. The whole song is neat, in fact, and I really enjoyed the chorus here, almost a droning take on the vocal in spots but it works really well! "True Believer" is a song I became familiar with mostly due to the remix which also appears here as track six, but which I first heard on A Different Drum's Mix Rinse And Spin Vol. 2. Of the two versions of the track, it's really hard to pick a favorite. They both have very different strengths, but both are very enjoyable. "Silent Room", which also appeared on ADD's "Shadow Dancing" compilation series is another track I find myself returning to again and again. It's just got a hook that I can't seem to get enough of!
Disc two is where the Trance influences really come into play, with the Seduction mix of "Transporter " and the Adrenaline remix of "Sterility" both exhibiting heavy trance influences. But surprisingly, I found myself even enjoying these songs! Usually when the trance elements of a song begin to dominate the song, I lose interest quickly. But these tracks somehow managed to hold my attention all the way!
Overall, I was much more impressed with this set than I expected to be. Voice Industrie has grown a great deal, that much is apparent over this set, but they also produced some really outstanding music from the beginning. This disc is definitely worth checking out, Highly Recommended!